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Ride-on sweeper

  • Ride-on sweeper

Ride-on sweeper

  • Model:SWC-FS06
  • Category:Floor Scrubber
  • Company:Suzhou Swallow Company Limited
  • Add Time:2020/02/17

Explore Swallow's sweepers, industrial sweepers or ride-on sweepers, professional and ideal to clean all types of floor.

  1. Product Description

1. Having 1-3μm filter accuracy, the filter achieve good effect above 99.5%,extremely decreasing the dust volume.

2. Double-buckled container is designed with paralleled pushing and buckles fixing to keep good sealing between the      container and the bottom plate and protect flying dust from outside the air.

3.The machine is designed with front-wheel-drive mode that makes full of the front space of the roller brush and increase container capacity. The capacity of the container is 120L, but its available space is 50% larger than that of similar type ones (150L).

4.The controller is designed with 20 units coding to regulate power on and off. It is not only convenient and fast, but also protect from bumping and robbery. Press the starting button for two times, the power will turn on. On the other hand, press the lock button for once, the power will turn off.

5.The machine is designed with warning buzzer that protects from robbery as well as avoids cleaners doing wrong operation. In addition, it is available to use in the public place. Only be pressing the setting button, the machine will enter into warning state.

6.The machine has three switches (slow, medium, high). Compared with the means of controlling only by accelerator, the operator could step on it within limited speed that could reduce plague. In the meantime, it is more convenient to enter into or out of the elevator with speed adjustment switch controlling.

7.The filter is made of polymeric materials and easy to shake dust off by shaking motor. In addition, it can be cleaned and reused.

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